To all communities in Global Payments

  • March 15, 2020

To better maintain the global payment ecosystem.Platform decides to launch GAP ecological digital currency.Gap circulation of 86 million.GAP will be the only designated currency for a more secure and stable future payment system.Its acquisition will be based on the mining machine purchased by GLPT.Of course you can also buy through the exchange,The upgrade process will be completed simultaneously with the docking of the exchange.Dual ecosystem will further strengthen our digital currency ecosystem.The platform will start to run normally on March 18, 2020.At the same time, the main chain miner is launched.The main chain mining machine subscription method can only be purchased through GLPT.The main chain GAP will be launched on the T-net exchange!In the near future, they will also be listed on well-known global exchanges.Thank you for your patience and support!

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