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Global Payments

GLPT solves the basic coordination problems between payment processing merchants, members’ transfers, gateways, and financial institutions by developing a new generation of payment services. The payment service supports conversion operations between currencies and asset types. Utilizing WeChat, Alipay, Internet and e-wallets with next-generation technology to conduct high-frequency and low-cost methods such as payments, remittances, consumption, entertainment, payroll, B2B commerce, loyalty programs, asset management, and other on-demand services Transaction: In addition, the network no longer distinguishes between fiat currencies and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Sweep the payment function face to face. As more people accept and use it, it will become the most versatile currency.

The total circulation is 860 million pieces, the issue price is 0.1 USD, the destruction mechanism is open and transparent, and all members can make inquiries through the block browser: 86 million pieces are eventually circulated

Assets under management

In 10 countries
Repeatedly won the title of best emerging market investor

Legal business in the UK

Huijin Securities Finance Group It currently manages US $ 7.3 billion in assets and has 253 employees in 10 countries including Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and the United States. Huijin has a mature research management team and has won many awards. It has been awarded the title of Best Emerging Market Investor in the UK.